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What's Done in the Dark, Always Comes to Light...

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In the crisp autumn of 1970, the paths of four-year-old Wilona Christensen and Lucien, a fallen Daemon and son of Eris, Goddess of Chaos intersect in an unexpected collision. Drawn by a cosmic outcry, Lucien is captivated by the young girl who possesses the rare ability to perceive him. Yet, its the turmoil within Wilona's tumultuous household that fuels Lucien's penchant for mischief, despite his obligation to pursue righteousness following a failed rebellion.

As chaos brews within her family, Lucien, reveling in the havoc he orchestrates, is approached by his brother Horkos with a new directive: guide Wilona toward her destiny for a chance at redemption. Refusing to comply, Lucien, along with his sister Lethe, continue to sow despair and torment Wilona's life.

Meanwhile, Horkos, aided by his brother Deimos and their human ally June, endeavor to counteract the turmoil inflicted upon Wilona. Years later, Wilona finds herself fleeing her troubled home and lands in the care of June and her cosmic companions, where she discovers her intertwined fate with Keegan Knightly; a rugged, compassionate, boy who aids her in navigating the darkness.

"Without Wings" is a poignant reimagining, weaving together the threads of our shared human experience through the lens of fictional characters. It delves into the complexities of hope, love, and resilience, portraying a tapestry of both the profound and the devastating encounters that shape and transform us.


A narrative blend of coming-of-age and existential reflection, it finds its place on bookshelves adjacent to works such as Lauren Kate's "Fallen" , Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman", and  debut author Tory Guyon's "Angel of Water and Shadow".

Anne Shelley’s debut novel is a thought-provoking page turner. She takes an original angle, in that one of the main characters, Lucien is a depressive entity 

What Beta Readers are saying...

The Think of An Un-learned One~

The ex-husband in me, the father in me, the man in me, the child in me and the reader I am all found a connection in that 

You started your story very well. I loved the way you write and your creativity in telling the facts. The characters are quite creative.


Without Wings

Coming soon....

Without Wings 1200.jpg
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About Anne Shelley

Book Hoarder. Garden Geek. Disruptor

Anne Shelley is an American writer, poet, and author of the new novel, Without Wings. Shelley has spent the last decade as a champion for the underdog. A professionally trained clinical therapist her love of reading young adult, adult urban fantasy, and historical fiction move her talents into the world of writing fiction. Shelley eloquently strings together the mysteries of suffering with the beauty of healing from her home in the Pacific Northwest. With her sidekicks, Henry Dickens, Amore’ and Hamish, who remind her not to take herself too seriously, she gets out often to enjoy nature and to always speak for those who can’t.

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